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Entrance Examinations

To all Aoyama Gakuin Senior High School entrance examinations candidates.

Entrance Examinations

Aoyama Gakuin Senior High School has three types of entrance examinations: for students applying for entry by recommendation, for students returning from overseas, and for general students.
Each of these entrance examinations has distinctive characteristics.
All students taking the examination should take the one most relevant to their situation.

We work hard to ensure that all students learn together and encourage one another in their new high school life.

Examinations for Students Applying for Entry by Recommendation

The recommendation examination tests the students' enthusiasm for school life, not their specialized scholastic ability.
Specifically, we use dossiers, self-recommendations, aptitude tests in Japanese, mathematics, and English and interviews to select:
(1)students who have done well in all nine subjects at their junior high schools;
(2)students who have been active in school life taking part in special activities, such as student council, club activities, and school events;
(3)students who may not have taken part in activities but have been active in school life by never being late or absent or who have taken part in volunteer events.
We welcome students who will continue to be involved in these once they have been admitted to the Aoyama Gakuin Senior High School.

Examinations for Students Returning from Overseas

The returning student examination uses aptitude tests in Japanese, mathematics, and English, interviews and dossiers of students' time spent overseas to determine the basic suitability of students. The aptitude tests look at students' ability to cope flexibly with basic issues.
We hope that all students returning from overseas will have a broad perspective from their experiences overseas, eyes that see things fairly, and ability to express themselves among people different from themselves.

Examinations for General Students

The general examinations determine the suitability of students through a total score in academic tests in three subjects—Japanese, mathematics, and English. (Since 2008, a pass standard has been set for each subject).
Student overall performance in junior high school is also taken into consideration. We welcome high-achieving students who are active and inquisitive and will carry that spirit into their life at our Senior High School.