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Educational Curriculum

Educational Curriculum

The Senior High School has 50-minute classes, six periods a day, five days a week.
Our curriculum is created with the goal of "striving to nurture people with comprehensive discernment and insight who blaze their own trails in life."
We build on the basic scholastic ability emphasized at the Junior High School, while integrating students entering from other junior high schools.

To help our students cope with diverse university and career choices, including internal advancement to Aoyama Gakuin University, we offer elective subjects from second year; over half of the subjects taken in third year are electives, allowing students to study more of what interests them.

Compulsory English language classes are divided into levels of difficulty across all years. The faculty of Aoyama Gakuin University and Women’s Junior College also hold "Academic Introductory Courses" on Saturdays to help guide students as part of their comprehensive learning.


Number of Hours Subject Year
First Year Second Year Third Year
1 Bible Bible (1) Bible (1) Bible (1)
2 Japanese Language Integrated Japanese Language (4) Contemporary Japanese Language B (2) Contemporary Japanese Language B (3) 
4 Japanese History A (2)
5 Politics and Economy (3)
6 Geography and History / Civics World History A (2) Contemporary Society (2)
8 Mathematics Mathematics I (3) Mathematics II (5) Three 3-credit Electives (Note 2)
11 Mathematics A (2)
13 Science Basic Biology (2) Basic Physics (2)
15 Health and Physical Education Physical Education (2) Physical Education (3)
17 Health (2) Physical Education (2)
18 English Communication II (3)
19 Foreign Languages English Communication I (3) English Communication III (3)
21 English Expression II (2)
22 English Expression I (2) English Expression II (2)
23 Classics B / Basic Chemistry (3)
24 Home Economics Basic Home Economics (2) Three 2-credit Electives (Note 3)
26 Information Information Study for Participating Community (2) Two 2-credit Electives (Note 1)
28 Art Music I / Art and Design I / Calligraphy I / Crafts Production I (2)
30 Homeroom
31 The Period for Integrated Studies
Note 1 Standard Classics, Geography A, Mathematics B, Physics I, Basic Earth Science, Oral Communication A, Literature, Music I/II, Art and Design I/II
Note 2 Classics B, World History B, Japanese History B, Geography B, Mathematics III (α), Advanced Physics, Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Biology, Elective Music, Elective Art and Design, Advanced English
Note 3

Special Bible, Japanese Expression, Kanbun, Literary History, Special Japanese, Special Geography, Special World History, Special Japanese History, Special Contemporary Society, Mathematics III (β), Math Practice, Basic Math Practice, Physics I, Chemistry I, Integrated Biology, Advanced Earth Science, Environmental Science, Special Physical Education, Ball Games, Music II/III, 3D Art and Design, 2D Art and Design, Calligraphy I/II, Crafts Production I/II, Oral Communication, Media English, Listening Comprehension, English Seminar, Special English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Basic Food, Inquiry Learning ICT