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Christian Education

Christian education is the core of this school, which was founded by American missionaries.
The three pillars of religious education at the Senior High School are the daily worship, the weekly Bible classes, and various events.
There are also club activities, such as ABF (Aoyama Bible Fellowship), choir club, hand bell club, organ club, etc., which are all part of the Christian culture.

At the Senior High School, we hope that through these programs, students will encounter the love of Christ, and leave our nest as young people who will contribute to society.

All students hoping to enter our School should certainly have an advance understanding of our goals.

When you are admitted to this School, you will not be asked if you have any knowledge of or faith in Christianity; however, we do want you to become familiar with the Bible and learn a great deal about it.

Daily Worship

Daily worship is held between the second and third periods, even on examination days or event days.

Daily Worship

PS Worship

This is conducted with the entire School assembled in the PS Auditorium. Many graduates have said that they have very fond memories of the daily messages when they were at the school, even if they were not aware of it at the time.


Special Worship Services

We invite in church ministers and Christian graduates. These worship services take various forms such as singing and musical recitals.


HR Worship

Worship services conducted in the homeroom. Students are responsible for the message, leading the meeting, and the music. This is more relevant to many students than messages given by the teacher, and they listen intently.



We provide many opportunities to encounter Christianity, such as chatting with others or through music. At the Senior High School, we want to provide as many of these opportunities as we can.

Green Camp

This camp is run by the Religion Committee, and aims to bring students into contact with nature and learn about the values of the Bible and the providence of nature. There are many group events, like barbeques, volleyball, river fun, and campfires, but it is essentially a Bible camp, and a recreation camp.

Evangelism Week

Evangelism Week is a week of becoming more familiar with Christianity. It centers on three days of messages and morning Bible hours.

Christmas Worship

One of the characteristics of the Christmas Worship at the Senior High School is that it is very musical. Not only is the first part of the service composed of performances by the Choir and Hand Bell club, the second part of the service comprises a pageant and Christmas music.

Pentecost Service

Pentecost means "fifty" in Greek; Pentecost is a festival held on the 50th day after Easter.
The Holy Spirit descended on the disciples, and from there the Church was born.
In Christianity, it is celebrated together with Christmas and Easter as the "birthday of the Church."
At this service at the Senior High School each year, students returning from abroad and international students read Bible readings in other languages, following the example of the disciples who "spoke in many tongues."