2-week School Visit to Northern Italy-
Pascal School Short-term Student Exchange Programme

On the 4th of April, 2016, nine high school students returned safe and sound from the second leg of their exchange programme with IIS Blaise Pascal School in Novara, Piedmont, in northern Italy.

In addition to taking classes with their exchange partners, our students had the opportunity to give a presentation on Japan and their school, participate in a five-nation intercultural day, and visit important historical sites in cities like Milan and Venice.


Students researched cultural differences with their host partners and other exchange groups, conducted a study on the theme of ‘bullying’ intended to investigate student perspectives and each nation’s way of responding to the problem.


Students created a personalised presentation in Japan which they took to Italy and introduced and explained entirely in English, covering areas such as Japanese traditional culture, modern sub-culture, food, and school environment.

Italian host partners helped our students deepen their knowledge of significant historical and cultural points during their visits to famous sites by preparing explanations in English with which they took turns teaching the group.


A feedback report event has been scheduled for the students to explain their findings to staff and principal, who are excited to learn about our students’ various experiences abroad.

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