The Title for Research and Development:Fostering Global Leaders with “Servant Minds”, Based on Acceptance of Diversity

Themes for research and development:① Accepting diversity ② Developing awareness of and forming relationships with those socially and economically less fortunate.

Contents of the Research and Development:

Our students will experience a different culture and carry out research during their short-period exchange programs with the Leys School in the UK, with IIS Pascal in Italy, and with Eton College in the UK.
Students who participate in these programs are to compare their Japanese family and their host family lives, especially in the way they accept and integrate with different cultures. In order to develop interest and awareness in “global governance,” students are expected to research how each society differs in the way people deal with friends, visitors, and immigrants from abroad.
Our students will participate in a “Multicultural Camp” and exchange programs with students from other Asian countries, in order to foster understanding and interaction with the countries involved.
During the summer holidays, about 15 students are to have exchanges with students from the International School of Asia, Karuizawa, at the school facility of Aoyama Gakuin Senior High School in Oiwake, Nagano. These ISAK international students are to spend time talking in English to our students and describe their cultural backgrounds in order to raise awareness of cultural differences and similarities. Also they will discuss social issues, and it is expected that they will create friendly bonds through this exchange. During each term, there will be opportunities for students to mix with Aoyama Gakuin University students from other countries through the “Aoyama Gakuin Chat Room,” and to have interactive sessions with exchange students from the Department of Global Studies and Collaboration at Aoyama Gakuin University. Participants are to write their feedback on their experiences in the SGH portal.
“Tokyo Attend Program” for exchange students from Leys School, IIS Pascal, and Eton College
Students at Aoyama Gakuin Senior High School are to form groups to attend and guide exchange students on short-period exchange programs from the Leys School, IIS Pascal, and Eton College. Through this experience, our students are expected to find out how Japanese assumptions differ from those from different cultures and to find out how to welcome visitors appropriately, by learning about their cultural backgrounds.
Involvement in Fair Trade in collaboration with Leys School, and forming a link with the “World Aims Program”
In collaboration with “BLUE PECO”(a student volunteer group at Aoyama Gakuin Senior High School), students will, in a couple of years’ time, make a field study trip to East Timor, which produces the coffee we sell at our school’s festival as part of a Fair Trade project. Students are expected to learn about the history of the community which produces the coffee, and it is hoped that they can see the necessity of Fair Trade standards. Also they will be expected to create a business model that is profitable to producers, dealers, and buyers respectively. This experience will benefit the students if they become future business owners or NPO leaders.
Visiting the Philippines Program, organized by the Religious Ministry Center at Aoyama Gakuin
By meeting sponsored children in the Philippines, it is expected that students realize that these children are the hope of their community. It is also expected that the students will consider what they can do to confront poverty issues, which is a global task that needs to be dealt with and solved internationally.
Exchange program with Miyako Prefectural Senior High School and Miyako-Kita Prefectural Senior High School in Iwate
10 to 15 students of the Aoyama Gakuin Senior High School student council are to visit Miyako Senior High School and Miyako-Kita Senior High School in Miyako City, Iwate, which is located in the district hit by the tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Students are to have exchanges with students at the two schools. In addition, to carrying out volunteer work to help the victims of the disaster, they are also expected to learn about diversity in their domestic culture.
Starting up SGH Portal
By using a special portal for the SGH programs, students can access or share information, and have a means to turn in their reports, etc.
Homestay in Canada
Through the experience of staying at homes in a multi-cultural area of Canada, students are to learn how people coexist and accept the cultural differences between diverse backgrounds.
Embassy Lecture Series
Students are to acquire knowledge and have a deeper understanding of the history, culture, and current issues of another country by listening to a series of lectures given by international officials from various embassies in Tokyo.
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