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School Overview

Aoyama's School System

Aoyama Gakuin is a Christian school with separate institutions at every level from kindergarten through graduate school. Our mission is articulated in the Aoyama Gakuin Educational Policy, which forms the ground for academic endeavor in the entire school.

At Aoyama Gakuin the student body at each level is formed by both graduates of the previous level and students who enter by examination.
All graduates of the Kindergarten and the Elementary School who so desire may advance to the next level. In principle, graduates of the Junior High School may advance to the Senior High School and more than 95% of them choose to do so. While some graduates of the Senior High School elect to enter other colleges and universities, more than 80% continue on to Aoyama Gakuin University or Aoyama Gakuin Women’s Junior College.
Students from the Women’s Junior College may also be considered for transfer into the University following two or three years of study.

Aoyama's School System